We are an evangelical church in the heart of Shipley; Westcliffe Road, next to Westcliffe Medical Centre. We offer a variety of activities, ranging from children’s clubs through to groups for the more senior members of the community.

Our activities are based entirely on scripture, which is the inspired word of God (2 Timothy Ch3 v 16).

Leadership comes from within the church through the appointment of male Elders, overseers (1 Timothy Ch 3 v 1-7) who take their authority from the bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Membership is open to all who confess the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, repenting of their sins (Romans Ch 3 v 23) and trusting the Lord Jesus for eternal salvation (Romans Ch 10 v 9). 

Our Elders

  • Paul Brownlow
  • Ian Hutchinson
  • Bob Strachan

Basis of Belief

The statement expresses our doctrinal basis. Click here to view